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 Are you or your little ones obsessed with dinosaurs? Ever wanted to meet a dinosaur? Well... now you can!!


We can bring our raptor encounter experience to you. All experiences are created to your individual requirements, so it could be a 1 hour birthday party visit, a summer long holiday park entertainment attraction, a corporate trade show, or a tv show appearance... we can supply them all!



A typical childrens birthday party encounter would consist of introducing our well behaved (most of the time) baby dinosaurs to everyone, along with giving them a few fun facts about the cutest baby dinosaurs you're ever likely to meet.


We then allow time for photos with our little raptors, this is a fantastic opportunity for creating those all important memories, and are sure to be shared on everyone's social media platforms. Just as every one is settling down, we bring in our star attraction... a full size walking, roaring, (hopefully not too hungry) Velociraptor!


At 4 metres long and 2.4 metres tall, she really is the real deal!! Although she is trained, her temperament can never be fully understood. Maybe she'll take a liking to you and allow you to get up close to her, or maybe she'll just view you as tasty snack!!


Again, we will allow time for those memories to be captured with plenty of pictures.



Other encounter experiences could also consist of scenarios such as walkabout experiences, where we take our dinosaurs and raptors on a walkabout (great for festivals, fetes, fairs and corporate events), or we could offer meet and greet encounters in front of a branded/themed backdrop, ensuring those all important trending social media posts!



Have a different idea? That's great. Just contact us and let us turn it into reality. It's what we do!



Use the contact us button to get in touch, our raptors can't wait to come and meet you!



For any enquiries or questions do not hesitate to contact us!
Telephone: 07958108899
Email: info@raptorencounters.co.uk

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