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Cath Mundy
Great experience for my sons 5th Birthday. Thank you to the team at Raptor Encounters!
Dan Jameson
Great value for money. Thank you!
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Children Love Dinosaurs.... FACT!!!


If you're organising a children's party, hire our dinosaurs and get the whole neighbourhood excited!!


Planning a WILD party? Invite the WILDEST guests of them all: Our full size Animatronic Dinosaurs!!


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Dinosaur Themed Parties


Children love Dinosaurs! If you're organising a children's party, hire one of our fantastic realistic dinosaurs and get the whole neighbourhood excited!


There's some fierce competition around when it comes to giving your child the greatest party ever.... How would your child, and their friends, react if they knew a real live dinosaur would be attending the birthday party?


A typical childrens birthday party encounter would consist of introducing our well behaved (most of the time) baby dinosaurs to everyone, along with giving them a few fun facts about the cutest baby dinosaurs you're ever likely to meet.

We then allow time for photos with our little raptors, this is a fantastic opportunity for creating those all important memories, and are sure to be shared on everyone's social media platforms. Just as every one is settling down, we bring in our star attraction... a full size walking, roaring, (hopefully not too hungry) Velociraptor!

At 4 metres long and 2.4 metres tall, she really is the real deal!! Although she is trained, her temperament can never be fully understood. Maybe she'll take a liking to you and allow you to get up close to her, or maybe she'll just view you as tasty snack!!

Again, we will allow time for those memories to be captured with plenty of pictures


From 2 years old to 92 years old, there really is no age limit.... everyone will marvel at our fabulous dinosaurs.


Call us now for a quote and ideas on how we can make your party go with a roar!!!

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